Visiting Policy


Please read below for FAQs and general ground rules when visiting Blue Cork.

Reserve a Fire Pit
Usage of our fire pits requires a reservation; this can be done via phone at (856) 885-2545 or email at [email protected]. Please note that our fire pits sit up to 16 individuals comfortably; therefore if you are a smaller group , your group may be joined by other parties.  Upon availability, fire pit reservations can also be added to any party or tour package! 
*Please note for the safety of all involved children are not permitted at the fire pits. 
Blue Cork hosts its annual Fall fire pit series all weekend long during designated hours. Fire pit reservations are not accepted while this event is going on. A $5pp cover charge applies during the series’ designated hours and fire pits are available on a first come first served basis. Please check out our events page and social media for updates on this event series.
Bring Your ID

All guests must have a valid Driver’s License, or other recognizable form of government identification to prove their age(A picture of your ID on your phone is not an acceptable form if identification). New Jersey state law precludes us from serving alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age. If our servers ask to see your I.D., please courteously show it to them, so they may serve you.

Smoking/Vaping Policy

Smoking and Vaping are permitted only in outdoor designated areas. Not only is this New Jersey law, it is also impossible to appreciate the aroma of a Cabernet when the air is heavy with smoke. All cigarette butts must be disposed of in appropriate containers. Our lawn, patio, planters, hedges, dishes and wine-glasses are not “appropriate containers” for the butt-ends of discarded cigarettes.

Professional Photography Policy

Blue Cork takes pride in the beauty we’ve worked so hard to cultivate, and we encourage all of our visitors to take pictures of our vineyard views as well as their experiences here.  However, in order to limit interference with our normal day to day operations and to ensure the safety of all of our guests, professional photography sessions must be scheduled in advance and require a $100 fee for two hours of time.  This fee and policy applies to any bridal or engagement photos, family portraits, etc. that are taken by a professional or aspiring photographer. Photography is for personal use; for profit/commercial photos must receive expressed written permission from Blue Cork Winery in order to take place. 

We are able to schedule sessions during our normal operating hours.  However, times are subject to availability dependent on winery events or prior reservations. Please note that no changing areas are available on the property. 
In addition, we ask that all sessions follow our winery’s general policies and visiting guidelines. Breach of winery policies may result in removal from the property. Vines must not be touched or disturbed for the sake of photos, and all trash or props must be disposed of after your session.  Photography groups should be limited to 15 individuals.  
Don't Overdo It


Our servers are not permitted to serve anyone who is, or appears to be intoxicated. Wine-tasting is about expanding your palate and broadening your horizons, enjoy!

***We reserve the right to refuse service and/or winery admission to anyone exhibiting signs of intoxication, disruptive behavior, or any other behaviors our staff feel will interfere with the safety and wellbeing of others.

Be Courteous

Treat other guests and your servers with respect. Everyone is welcome at Blue Cork Winery and we want all of our guests and customers to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Don’t be the wet-blanket, souring the mood for everyone, by treating another guest, or a member of our staff, gruffly or rudely.

***We reserve the right to refuse service and/or winery admission to anyone exhibiting signs of intoxication, disruptive behavior, or any other behaviors our staff feel will interfere with the safety and wellbeing of others.”


Can I Bring My Dog?

Unfortunately, no animals are allowed on property. Trained service dogs are welcome:)

Can I Make a Reservation?

 Reservations are required for tours, large groups/parties, & fire pits. For our general seating, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis accommodating groups of up to 8 guests. For any group larger than 8 guests, we do require advanced notice and/or the purchase of one of our party packages. For more information regarding groups larger than 8 individuals, please see our “Large Group Policy” below.

**We reserve the right to turn away any larger groups that have not contacted Blue Cork prior to their arrival and received confirmation.

Large Group Policy

 We ask that groups above 8 individuals notify Blue Cork prior to visiting in order for us to make suitable arrangements. We agree “the more the merrier,” but we also like to be able to plan ahead for larger groups instead of just “winging it,” which never works out to anyone’s satisfaction as well as a well-executed plan can. 

We can accommodate larger groups of up to 15 individuals with advanced notice. However, please be advised that any groups of this size are subject to being seated at different tables or in different sections altogether. We are unable to move our tables.

In addition, please note that we are unable to split checks at this time. For the benefit of our hardworking servers, an 18% gratuity may automatically be applied to large group bills. We thank you for your understanding. 

If you’d like to ensure that your large group can be seated all together, or if you’re looking to host a celebration, please call or email the winery for further information regarding our party package availability and pricing.

***We reserve the right to turn away any groups of more than 15 individuals who have not made these prior arrangements/reservations.

Hosting a Party?

We love to host parties! Though, parties MUST be arranged with an owner or manager before your visit.  Semi-Private parties are held outdoors Spring thru Fall. Contact us today to get started.

No Outside Food & Beverage

Outside food is not allowed on the premises unless your group has paid for a reserved party package.  This also includes small items meant for celebration such as cakes, cookies, etc.  We apologize if this causes any inconvenience, but we appreciate your support in our winery’s policies. We have plenty of wine and food options available so please ask our staff for your options. We provide made in house charcuterie as well as partner with Milano’s pizzeria. If medical or dietary restrictions prevent either of this choices from being viable options, please let staff know, and we will be happy to make accommodations. 


Can I Bring my Kids?

Blue Cork Winery welcomes families with well-behaved children and expects parents to supervise them constantly during their stay. For safety reasons:


  • We do not permit children to run around tables, play on retaining walls, staircases, or fences
  • Children are not permitted near the fire-pits at any time
  • Children must be strictly supervised by parents at all times
  • Arts and Crafts are not permitted
Tables & Chairs

We kindly request that our guests NOT REARRANGE the tables and chairs in our Tasting Room or out on our Patio.  Moving the chairs and tables ultimately ends up with them being dragged across our floors or patio tiles, damaging our surfaces and furniture alike.  Blue Cork Staff members are the only ones allowed to rearrange tables and chairs.


Parking is only permitted in front designated  lot and designated spaces. Winery is located in the back , just a short distance from the front parking lot. 

And Last But Not Least...

ENJOY YOURSELF!! Wine-tasting is fun, it’s social, it’s educational, and a great way to relax after yet another one of those hard weeks we all seem to face from time to time. Bring a smile, laugh and have fun!!


Enjoy aerial shots showcasing the gorgeous grounds of our estate


We grow, farm & bottle at our estate located in the Outer Coastal Plain


We’re located just off Rt 42 in South Jersey, in between Philadelphia & AC


Check out our events page for an upcoming schedule of live music & more


Enjoy an assortment of cheeses, charcuterie and a full food menu



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